The massage is a combination of techniques practiced  in different parts of Europe. All these parts have their own specific ways of bringing your body to total relaxation. So we have Finish, Swedish, German, French, Russian and other ways of doing massage classic.
No matter it is partial or full-body massage, the idea is to restore and regulate blood flow as well as to tone and calm down the activity of body`s central and peripheral nervous systems.


Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.


Reflex therapy  works exclusively on feet, palms, ears. According to Eastern medicine, these parts of our bodies regulate different organs. This massage will definitely have a nice overall effect on you.


Everyone is familiar with the beneficial healing effects of bees’ honey on the human organism. Honey therapy, like the massaging procedure, is an original healing practice used to extract the unnecessary and toxic substances through the skin. In order to achieve that, honey is first spread over the skin of the body and then special massage techniques are used to extract the harmful toxins accumulated in the hypodermal tissues of the human body.


Anti-cellulite massage is used to remove the hypodermal layer of fats accumulated in the forms of ‘orange-peel’ cellulite formations. This method has an emphasized cosmetic effect and involves the use of special techniques and etheric oils.


Aromatherapy helps for the holistic harmonizing of the organism via the employing of various etheric oils and ways of massage.


Giver does knee walking toward receiver from the distance of four feet away.Giver keeps distance of one foot away from the receiver’s body at all time. Receiver will not be in a face down position. Giver uses only hand, mostly thumb, sometimes heel of the hand. Giver keep the least contact with receiver, touch with massage hand(s) only. Start massage at knee and upward. Then massage leg and foot last.


Classical massage 50 min 40 lv.
Classical massage 25 min 25 lv.
Deep tissue massage 50 min 50 lv.
Deep tissue massage 25 min 30 lv.
Aromatherapy 50 min 45 lv.
Aromatherapy 25 min 28 lv.
Reflexotherapy 25 min 25 lv.
Reflexotherapy 50 min 45 lv.
Coffee pilling 25 min 23 lv.
Coffee ritual 80 min 75 lv.
Choco ritual 80 min 75 lv.
Indonesian massage 60 min 45 lv.
Anti-cellulite massage 30 min 35 lv.
Anti-cellulite massage + ampule 35 min 50 lv.
Anti-cellulite massage (10 visits) 315 lv.
Anti-cellulite massage +ampule (10 visits) 450 lv.
Wine massage 90 min 75 lv.
Thai massage Royal style 60 min 50 lv.
Thai massage Royal style 90 min 75 lv.
Thai massage Royal style 120 min 100 lv.
Rise therapy 90 min 77 lv.
Rise therapy with ampule 90 min 85 lv.